July 3 - Osprey Shipping's barge Osprey Intrepid has been fitted with a cable transfer system in order to feed Technip's offshore construction vessel, Deep Blue, with a new 3,000 m flexible pipe for the BP Quad 204 project in the North Sea.

Osprey Intrepid was fitted out with the reel drive system offshore the Scottish port of Montrose, before being towed by fellow barge Osprey Fearless to Le Trait in France.

Once in Le Trait, the pipe was spooled onto Osprey Intrepid, before the barge was again towed by Osprey Fearless to the French port of Le Havre, where the vessel Deep Blue was positioned.

The new pipe was spooled onto the Technip vessel, while the old pipe was loaded onboard Osprey Intrepid, and subsequently returned to the UK for scrapping.