June 4 - ALE recently helped with the replacement of an old with a new stator at the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant project in Mexico.

The global heavy lift specialist company initially handled the removal of the old stator weighing 330 tonnes at the plant, located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in Alto Lucero, Veracruz. It is the largest electric power generating nuclear plant in Mexico.

The stator was moved on SPMTs from the turbine building almost 1 km to a protected area within the plant where it was left on beams and stools.

ALE then lifted the new stator weighing 300 tonnes onto SPMTs using a 4 point lift gantry system. The stator was then moved 1.5 km from the warehouse inside the plant to the service hatch of the turbine building.

ALE was responsible for the transport and storage engineering on the project.