May 16 - Project Cargo Network (PCN) member representing Bangladesh, Bengal Electric, says it is close to finishing the construction of a 1,000-tonne capacity floating crane.

Deputy managing director at Bengal Electric, Mottakin Salam stated: "Our new 1,000-tonne capacity mega floating crane is now in the final stages of assembly and will be amongst the biggest in the region."

The crane will measure 260 ft (79.2 m) in length, 66 ft (20.1 m) wide and 15 ft (4.6 m) from the water level. It will be able to withstand temperatures of between -30°C and 55°C.  Salam said the crane has taken 10 years of hard work to develop, and he hopes it will enable the company to expand its presence in the international arena.

Meanwhile, PCN member representing Germany, Russia and Mongolia, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), has handled 1,000 freight tonnes of abnormal loads, consisting of large pipeline valves.

The cargo was transported from Genoa in Italy to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. AGL was responsible for the surveys in the factory, pre-carriage with special trucks, seafreight and filing all related documentation.

AGL handled 1,000 freight tonnes of large pipeline valves.