January 29 - Member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in the Netherlands, Ryano Logistics, has coordinated a shipment of power plant equipment to Zambia; while PCN member in Pakistan, Aaras Shipping Agencies, has discharged various project cargoes from t

Ryano organised the shipment of 20 containers, containing generators, transformers and fuel tanks - all destined for a 25 MW temporary power station in Zambia. The cargo was delivered from various locations, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and the Middle East.

As well as the shipment to southern Zambia, Ryano organised all documentation, road transport, Customs clearance and final delivery to the site.



Meanwhile, Aaras discharged 188 wind turbine components from the multipurpose vessel Serpentine at Port Qasim. The cargo, which had a total weight of 455.3 tonnes, was destined for a 49.5 MW wind power plant being developed by Master Wind Energy Limited (MWEL) in Jhampir.

As well as the discharge of all the components at the port and organisation of all Customs formalities, Aaras also handled the inland transportation of the cargo to the final job site. 

Once Serpentine had been unloaded at Port Qasim, the vessel made its way to Pakistan's Karachi Port, where Aaras helped discharge the remaining cargo, including an asphalt mixing plant and various steel products.

Aaras also received the vessel Han Ren at Port Qasim and discharged around 6,738 tonnes of project cargo, which included: wind turbine components for the same project as above; equipment for a coal-fired power plant; used power plant equipment; and crawler crane components.



Elsewhere, PCN member in Russia, Mongolia and Germany, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), worked together with PCN member in China, Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services, to organise the shipment of a dismantled crane from Xiamen, China to Bahrain.

The crane was shipped in two separate consignments, with Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services handling the pre-carriage of the cargo to the Chinese port; while AGL arranged the chartering of the vessels and shipment to Bahrain.