April 8 - Member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Turkey, Element International Forwarding & Logistics, has coordinated the transport of a cryogenic LNG storage tank from Bursa in Turkey to Tehran, Iran.

The 33-tonne tank, which measured 3.2 m x 19.7 m x 3.6 m, was transported by road from Turkey to Iran using a lowbed trailer. On arrival at the job site, Element arranged two cranes to lift the unit into place.

PCN member in Italy, BA.SE. Project & Logistic, has completed the transport of a 30-tonne valve to Milan Malpensa Airport, where it organised Customs clearance operations and loading on an aircraft.


Meanwhile, Delta Maritime worked together with Steder Group to transport two large separators, weighing 12.6 tonnes and 19.7 tonnes respectively, from Magoula, Greece to Alexandria in Egypt via the Port of Piraeus.

Delta arranged the loading and securing of the cargo into containers, Customs procedures, overland transport from Magoula to Piraeus and sea freight; while Steder Group took charge of unloading operations in Egypt and final delivery to the site.

MTS Logistics
- member of PCN in Turkey - has recently handled a number of complex project moves, including the transport of 21 units of agricultural equipment from the Port of Antwerp to Mersin and Ankara in Turkey.

The Turkish company also coordinated the delivery of a boiler, weighing 113.5 tonnes and measuring 18.6 m x 4.7 m x 5.7 m, from Belgium to Iskenderun, for onward transport to Gaziantep in Turkey; as well as cooling towers from Antwerp to Mersin.


In Italy, PCN member Fortune International Transport took charge of the delivery of a 120-tonne transformer from the Port of Venice to Sweden; while PCN member in China, Topline Express Logistics (TEL), moved the 88-tonne main body of an automatic ceramic production pressing line from China to Turkey.


PCN member in Germany, Russia and Mongolia, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), was also busy with projects, organising a 2,000 freight tonne shipment of scrap metal from Germany to Sweden, with single pieces weighing up to 120 tonnes.

The company also transported three 246-tonne columns, measuring 41.8 m x 4.2 m x 4.5 m each, from Berlin, Germany to China via the Port of Hamburg. The shipment also consisted of several heat exchangers, weighing up to 64 tonnes.

The columns were loaded onto barges using mobile cranes in Berlin for shipment to Hamburg, where the cargo was lifted onto an ocean vessel.

In another move, AGL partnered with PCN member in Jordan and Iraq, Grand Arabia, to ship cargo for a new solar project from China to Amman in Jordan.

The two logistics providers have coordinated the first shipment of 63 containers for the project, and explained that they are close to securing three new Jordanian contracts.