October 7 - PrimoCargo has completed a complex project move, delivering five diesel engines with a combined weight of more than 670 tonnes.

The cargoes were delivered via Germany's inland waterway network by barge from Heilbronn in the south of the country, to the client's shipyard in northern Germany.
Due to low water levels in the Neckar and Rhine rivers the five engines were transported on two barges, instead of a single barge as initially planned, said PrimoCargo.
Two engines measured 11.5 m x 4.85 m x 6.6 m and weighed 242 tonnes; the second pair measured 10.55 m x 4.85 m x 6.4 m and weighed 217 tonnes each; the final unit tipped the scales at 217 tonnes and measured 10.5 x 4.85 x 7 m.
PrimoCargo is a member to the X2 Projects network representing Germany.