February 26 - Intertransport Gruber, member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Germany, has coordinated the shipment of a 135-tonne consignment of cement plant equipment from Poland to Saudi Arabia.

The consignment, which included an individual unit weighing 34.5 tonnes, was transported from Austria to the Port of Hamburg, before being shipped on board Chipolbrok's vessel Wladyslaw Orkan to Jeddah and Dammam.

PCN member in Germany, Russia and Mongolia, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), has handled two complex projects with other PCN members. The first involved working with CEA Projects to transport oversize cargo used for emission controls from Germany to Thailand.

The second saw AGL join forces with Turk Heavy Transport to coordinate the shipment of five overhead crane beam girders - measuring 28 m long each - to Bahrain

Meanwhile, PCN member in Pakistan, Aaras Shipping Agencies, received cargo from three multipurpose vessels at the Port of Karachi.

The first vessel, KSL Anyang, carried 22 units of machinery for a hydropower project in the country; 31 transformer components for a solar power project; 494 units of equipment for a coal-fired power plant; and a number of other heavy equipment items.

Aaras unloaded 156 units of machinery and equipment, including crane components and power plant equipment, from the vessel Chang Hang Fan Hai; while the third vessel - Amber Beverly - delivered 18 oversize units into Pakistan, including steam turbines, boilers, construction machinery and steel.