October 10 - Qingdao based Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services recently completed the export of drilling equipment from China to Russia.

The multimodal project saw 16 trucks move the equipment approximately 2,400 km by road, before being transhipped onto 18 rail wagons for the remaining 3,000 km trip across Russia.

The heaviest unit weighed 56 tonnes with a 16 m length. The longest item was 21 m long and weighed 27 tonnes.

Fenny Swei, director, Columbia Pro-Rail stated: "This shipment marks the beginning of a good relationship as our Chinese customer was very pleased with our services, rates and transit times. Therefore, they have consigned new business to Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services and from the 10th October we will begin loading a further 187 wagons of drilling equipment to move by rail directly to Russia."

Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services is one of the founding members of the Project Cargo Network (PCN), representing China.