December 21 - Realco Logistics has shipped eight water slides from Chengdu, China to Subic Bay in the Philippines.

"This project had been in planning for six months. A factory received an order of eight water slides for a water park located in the Philippines and the original design of the water slide components were oversize and would have required using open-top containers," explained Realco general manager Caven Chen.

"Discussions and consultations took place with Realco Logistics and the factory's shipping department and design teams for several months in order to solve the problems and minimise costs."

Realco finally convinced the factory to change its production plan and downsize each water slide component in order to fit into a 40 ft high cube container.

Therefore, the entire project comprised 118 high cube containers and Realco explained that this helped the factory cut down on shipping expenses as well as time.

Realco Logistics is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Taiwan. Fellow PCN member in the Philippines, AAI Worldwide Logistics, assisted with the handling of the cargo on arrival at Subic Bay.