June 30 - Germany based Rech Kranservice has extended its range of cranes with a new, more powerful Liebherr mobile crane - the LTM 1200-5.1.

By Isabel Freedman.

Stationed at the company's new site in Kaiserslautern, the 200-tonne capacity model is particularly versatile and due to its ballast variant can also be used as a 160, 170 or 180-tonne capacity crane.

Rech Kranservice managing director Astrid Hietzker said: "We decided on the LTM 1200-5.1 because its variable supporting base VarioBase® enables it to achieve outstanding load capacity values at optimum boom length" - which is a 72 m telescopic boom.

The innovative VarioBase® supporting system delivers more safety, higher load capacities and a larger working radius as well as allowing the crane to calculate the maximum load capacities precisely for every given situation using the LICCON crane control.

The LICCON crane control was another reason for the company's purchase, since the majority of its fleet is comprised of Liebherr cranes. The LICCON crane control makes it straightforward for any driver to operate, and these controls are featured in other Liebherr cranes too.

The crane will primarily be used for handling prefabricated concrete components and erecting tower cranes and Rech Kranservice also hopes the machine will attract new industrial and assembly customers.