June 11 - The lift of a frame weighing 620 tonnes onto suction piles 11 m high broke all the records at BOW Terminal recently.

A spokesperson for the breakbulk and offshore terminal revealed that in order to save on mobilisation costs of additional crawler cranes, an ambitious plan was developed by the BOW project team in co-operation with Schoonen Cranes International (SCI) to use six mobile cranes in addition to the terminal's Liebherr LR 1600-2 crawler crane to lift the frame.

BOW Terminal says that never before were so many large cranes used to lift a single piece - three of the mobile cranes had a 500-tonne capacity and three had a 700-tonne capacity, plus the 600-tonne capacity crawler. 

Precision lift engineering design was key to a successful project execution with clearances between cranes as little as 50 mm.

The lift took around two and half hours to get the frame correctly aligned.