May 18 - Roll-Lift USA has transported and unloaded 21 barges of project cargo for the UAN fertiliser plant expansion project in Donaldsonville, Louisiana.

Some of the larger pieces for the project included a 715-tonne absorber, which was rolled off the barge using 72 axle lines of SPMTs; and a 508-tonne high-pressure flash tank, which was delivered to the site using 48 axle lines of SPMTs.

The levees on the Mississippi River were not designed for such load bearing capacity, and specialised engineering was required for the permits and transport planning, explained Roll-Lift USA. A temporary dock also had to be constructed, as well as 600 mats placed down to reinforce the route.

On site in Donaldsonville, three Liebherr cranes - an LR11350, LR1600 and an LR1300 - are being used to assemble the plant equipment.