February 18 - Netherlands based heavy lift company RollDock Shipping has celebrated the first steel cut on the first of two new heavy lift vessels it has ordered from German shipyard Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft.

The first ship, Rolldock Star, is expected to be delivered in November 2013 with the second ship, Rolldock Storm, scheduled for delivery three to four months after that date.
Both vessels are multifunctional heavy lift ships suitable for ro-ro, lo-lo and flo-flo cargoes and are almost identical to the existing vessels in the RollDock Shipping fleet, the Rolldock Sun and Rolldock Sea.

The new vessels, which will measure 119.44 m x 19.40 m versus 116.2 m x 19 m for the existing ships, will also have an increased dead weight tonnage.


RollDock Shipping CEO Wout Van der Zwan (left) with Peter Sierk, CEO of Flensburger.