February 19 - Whilst Rotterdam is well known as a hub for container traffic, the port is keen to increase this concept for the breakbulk and project cargoes sector.

Many large deep sea and short sea container ships call at Rotterdam and discharge cargo to be shipped further via the extensive feeder network to many destinations within Europe.

This concept is also working well for the breakbulk sector and, increasingly, deep sea breakbulk carriers are deciding to discharge cargo in Rotterdam and feeder that cargo to Scandinavian, Baltic, Russian, UK, Mediterranean, North African and Black Sea destinations.

Bart-Luc Olde Hanter, business manager Breakbulk says that whilst this trend currently involves traditional breakbulk cargoes such as steel, the port anticipates it will also be adopted by the heavy lift sector as tramp shipping companies increasingly operate semi liner services. 

Olde Hanter says that by feedering cargoes, shipping lines can save costs, as well as offer more destinations and higher service levels to their customers.