May 15 - Norway's Royal Transport has used two Nicolas self-propelled platform trailers - a second-generation MHD SPE and a first-generation MHD SP - to transport a 420-tonne pumping station in Bergen.

For this project, Royal Transport rented the MHD SP in order to combine the vehicle with its own MHD SPE.

"The idea was to combine an electronically with a mechanically-steered vehicle in a loose coupling mode. This is unusual, but functioned perfectly with vehicles from Nicolas following a careful planning process. Thereby, the two PowerPacks used were configured to run in a master/slave mode," said Sébastien Porteu, managing director of Nicolas, which belongs to the TII Group.

The bogie units of the Nicolas MHD SPE have been specially designed to carry extremely concentrated loads, explained the TII Group. This meant that moving the 420-tonne pumping station, which is destined for use on the sea floor, did not present a large technical challenge.

Once safely positioned on the trailers, the pumping module was slowly moved towards the quay wall.