February 14 - Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS) has completed the weighing of a 28.3 m long and 5.6 diameter offshore module, including a proof load test of a spreader beam and supplied rigging equipment for offshore plant equipment manufacturer Charles Th

The Bridgend, UK-based company provided the load cells, weighing expertise and rigging equipment that was required.

The weighing operation was undertaken at Kilnhurst, UK, prior to transportation of the unit, bound for the Johan Sverdrup oilfield on the Norwegian shelf, where the spreader beam and other equipment will be utilised.

The module, which RSS calculated at an average of 116.1-tonnes after three lifts, was manufactured for ETA Process Plant, a specialist in deaeration (the removal of air molecules from gas or liquid) and part of Koch-Glitsch. It will be installed in its end application by international energy conglomerate Statoil at Sverdrup.

RSS utilised its four 150-tonne capacity wired compression load cells, manufactured by Straightpoint. According to RSS, this type of load cell is commonly applied to pre-lift weight and centre of gravity calculations for large plant and equipment.

The module was lifted by Ainscough Industrial Services' Mega Lift 250 Jack up system.  RSS reports that Ainscough was responsible for lowering the module onto the load cells so measurements could be taken using Straightpoint's desktop controller datalogging software package. Two temporary stools were used, weighing 2.4 tonnes each, which had to be factored into the final calculations.

Whilst onsite, RSS also proof tested a spreader beam to 172-tonnes, which is travelling with the unit and other rigging items to place the deaeration vessel in its final offshore location.