The US DOT’s decision to ban Russian carriers from its skies will create a large shortfall in outsize airfreight capacity. Meanwhile, recent footage from Ukraine indicates that the AN-225 is irreparably damaged. From HLPFI’s sister title, FlightGlobal.

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) banned Russian airlines from operating in the USA as part of the government’s economic response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The DOT order specifically referenced Volga-Dnepr Airlines, and country’s Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the airline can no longer operate in the USA.

There will be a material impact to Boeing and GE Aviation, which are longstanding charterers of Volga-Dnepr’s AN-124 freighters for domestic cargo flights. FlightGlobal reports that Boeing and GE are downplaying potential impacts to their operations.

“We’ll work closely with our wide range of supply chain and logistics partners to manage through any potential impacts,” Boeing said.

“Regarding engine transportation, we do not have concerns at this time,” added GE.

Globally, just 35 AN-124 aircraft are in service or storage. Volga-Dnepr operates 12 and Russia’s air force owns/operates 13, according to Cirium fleet data. Ukrainian company Antonov Airlines has another seven.

Antonov’s fleet also included the AN-225 Mriya. Images of the conflict damage at Kyiv’s Gostomel airfield confirm that the sole operational Antonov AN-225 has been destroyed while parked in a hangar on the site, reports Flight Global.