May 13 - Russian Railways Logistics (RZD Logistics) has coordinated the delivery of railway equipment form Russia to Serbia, on behalf of its sister company RZD International.

The equipment transported included track cranes, two motor flatcars, flatcars with haulage gear, 21 flatcars with moveable equipment and four universal flatcars. The entire consignment was moved as a single load by rail, with the railway gauge changing through the territories of six countries including Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Serbia. 

RZD Logistics completed the preliminary research for the project, ensuring the cargo conformed to the legal conditions set out in each country along the route.

Simultaneously the railway equipment was forwarded from the Russian cities of Yaroslavl, Kaluga and Kirov to Bryansk for consolidation and for forming the train.

The equipment was initially designed for the 'narrow' 1,435 mm European rail gauge. RZD Logistics used leased bogies measuring 1,520 mm for rail forwarding along the Russian leg of the route.

RZD Logistics also provided cargo escorting, transhipping, transportation, Customs clearance and fee payment services, as well as a number of other supplementary services such as tracking, consigner and consignee notification.