July 2 - Russian Railways Logistics (RZDL) is to provide cargo delivery services for a new stadium being constructed in Rostov-on-Don, for use in the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

RZDL will provide various transportation services for the construction of the stadium, as the country prepares for the huge event in 2018.

The load volume and exact delivery schedule are yet to be determined, but the first shipment of cargo - comprising steel structures and building machinery - is planned for August and September of this year.

Under the agreement, RZDL will handle the logistics services and supply chain organisation, as well as provide infrastructure facilities in Rostov-on-Don to cope with the arrival of large volumes of cargo for the project.

All cargo operations - such as receipt, handling and onward delivery - will be organised at the Rostov-zapadny, Rostov-tovarny and Zarechnaya stations of the North Caucasian railway. 

In addition to this, a special 22 ha site has been prepared at Kamenolomni station, which will be used to receive and store bulky, heavy and oversize cargoes, including steel structures, lumber and machinery.