May 7- Sabre Industries has taken delivery of a third Shuttlelift DB 30 double-beam mobile gantry crane, which it has added to its factory in Sioux City, Iowa.

The new crane joins two sister DB 30s, which were delivered in November 2012 - one to Sioux City and the other to Alvarado, Texas.
According to Darwin Gamm, director of special projects for Sabre Industries' towers and poles division, the company was looking for alternatives to move sheet steel magnetically.
To manufacture towers and poles, Sabre Industries must be able to move plate steel that will be bent into an octagonal, tapered shape. Those plates are 18 m long and 2.4 m wide; prior to the company's purchase of the Shuttlelift cranes, it was using two forklifts for materials handling. Gamm said it was like trying to "pick up wet string".
The DB 30 double-beam mobile gantry crane provides a safer, more efficient way to move the plate steel, explained Gamm, and the provision of a magnetic spreader bar was an important part of Sabre Industries' decision to partner with Shuttlelift.
The Shuttlelift team was willing to work with an existing Sabre Industries supplier, Walker Magnetics, to provide the magnetic package for the new DB 30s.
Moreover, to move large pole and tower sections, for example, the Sabre can simply remove the magnetic spreader bar, Gamm added.