Swire Blue Ocean (SBO) plans to invest in a newbuild wind farm installation vessel, with the option to add a second unit to the order.

SBO has shortlisted several international shipyards for the order of a new vessel, which has been designed in partnership with GustoMSC. It will be a bespoke version of the NG-20000X-G design.

“It has been key for us to deliver an asset that can grow with the industry, but also offer a cost base that is attractive in the market,” said Janus Joensen, head of engineering and research and development. “We have collected significant data over the last decade and by building these learnings into the design we hope to bring material benefits to our customers.”

Alongside the newbuild, SBO will also invest in upgraded cranes for its O-class vessels Pacific Orca and Pacific Osprey.

Earlier this year, Pacific Osprey returned to service following the installation of its extended crane boom in Denmark, as HLPFI reported here. As part of the new plans, SBO will replace the main cranes on both Pacific Osprey and Pacific Orca.

SBO’s engineers and project partners have developed a crane that is designed to provide an overturning moment of 100,000 tonne/m. The main cranes are designed to provide up to 1,600 tonnes of lifting capacity with a 155 m hook height above deck. These specifications are expected to meet the requirements for installation of all turbine models currently under development and allow for the continued growth of turbine components.

The installation of the new cranes is scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of 2023.