The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) has added mobile cranes to its Online Permit Manual, which includes all permitting information for all the states in the USA and Canadian provinces.

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The Online Permit Manual spells out requirements for procedures and contacts; fees, restricted or weekend travel; allowable weights and dimensions; and escort/pilot car requirements.

“SC&RA added mobile cranes to the permit manual because crane and rigging member companies encounter the same challenges in obtaining hauling permits that our specialised transportation carriers face daily,” said SC&RA senior vice president Beth O’Quinn. “This includes not only the lack of uniform policies across states, but the added challenge of states permitting mobile cranes that are not, nor can be, evaluated in the same manner as a traditional tractor semi-trailer combination.”

The association is offering a 10 percent discount to companies who are interested in subscribing to the Online Permit Manual for the first time, using the code MOBILE at checkout. The offer ends May 31, 2022.