Scandinavian Logistics Partners (Scanlog) can now offer its customers carbon-free ocean freight services via marine carbon insets.

Scalog carbon insets

Source: Scanlog

In collaboration with commodities trader STX Group, Scanlog can bunker liquid biomethane (LBT) onto ships in Europe and the emission reductions attributed to Scanlog’s customers elsewhere via a book and claim principle. “At Scanlog, we’re dedicated to minimising emissions across the supply chain and our transport operations. With the adoption of our maritime insets, we can now offer fossil-free transport solutions for all modes of transports,” said Matilda Jarbin, chief sustainability and communications officer.

The company said this solution is independent of shipping companies and can be applied on all shipping routes. The book and claim protocol allows purchasers of freight transportation services to report the GHG emission profile generated by a carrier or logistical service provider other than the one physically transporting its freight. Therefore, the vessel conducting the physical service may contain fossil fuel, whereas the purchaser of the services can claim fossil-free by contributing to a carbon-free fuel switch conducted elsewhere.

“This innovation empowers us to offer customers a more sustainable option with greater control. We’ve already secured early adopters and the strong demand signifies a significant shift towards environmentally friendly logistics solutions,” said Jarbin.

Carl Otto Lindsjö, sales trader at STX Group, said the system can help to kick-start a reduction of scope 3 emissions at scale by helping to increase demand for renewable fuels. “Thanks to our insetting solution, we can now connect freight forwarders and cargo owners looking to reduce their scope 3 emission with high-quality suppliers in our network,” he said.