November 11 - Based in Poland, Gdynia Port Technical Company, has begun processing a large onsite order for Konecranes' Finland branch, ready for shipment to Global Container Terminals (GCT) in New Jersey, USA.

The order consists of 20 loading cranes, with heights of 25 m and widths of 32 m, which are to be assembled in the harbour area before being loaded onto a ship destined for the USA.

The first five of 20 cranes were partially assembled to reduce their length to 15 m, so that they could be loaded on to the ship.

The company used 16 axle lines of Scheuerle SPMTs, which had been connected to each other by means of a specially constructed frame, in order to safely accommodate the loads and avoid reorientation of the vehicles when changing loads.

The high centre of gravity of the load - approximately 13 m above the bottom of the load - proved particularly challenging during transportation from the assembly point to the loading area.

Scheuerle, along with Nicolas and Kamag, is part of the Transporter Industry International (TII) Group.