August 15 - Trasportes y Gruas Aguado has transported two distillation columns for the petrochemical industry weighing 521 and 483 tonnes using its new 24 axle SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter) axle lines.

The vehicles, supplied by Scheuerle, part of TII Group, were used in a loose coupling mode with each unit comprising 12 SPMT axle lines. The vehicles were connected both mechanically and via a data line. They were powered by two Power Pack Units (PPU) each with a 350 kW output.

With an axle load of up to 60 tonnes, the modules were able to transport the 29.4 m x 9.9 m and 43.8 x 9.9 m columns to their final destination at the Refinería PEMEX Miguel Hernando, Mexico.

TII, a world market leader in the production of SPMTs, says vehicle modules and PPUs are standardised around the world so that operators can rent axle lines as required at any time in order to handle larger-scale projects.