Shanghai Shipbuilding Research and Design Institute (SDARI), in collaboration with DNV and Toepfer Transport, has developed two state-of-the-art multipurpose vessel designs: Octopus 12.6 and Octopus 12.

SDARI, DNV and Toepfer collaborate on multipurpose vessel design 12.6

Source: Toepfer Transport

The 12,600-tonne October 12.6 and 12,000-tonne Octopus 12 adhere to the highest standards of energy efficiency and emissions, meeting Stage III of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and the Tier III nitrogen oxide emissions standards. 

They feature the DOSS energy efficiency management system, developed in-house by SDARI, offering options for both two-stroke or four-stroke engines, and methanol as a fuel choice. 

The Octopus 12.6 (HL500) features substantial improvements over its predecessor, the 12,000-tonne F500, said Toepfer. It includes a single cargo hold and dual 250-tonne deck cranes. The superstructure has been moved from the stern to the bow, enhancing navigation and manoeuvrability, while the deck cargo area has expanded by about 40 percent, making it ideal for transporting large engineering equipment. Fuel consumption has been reduced by approximately 15 percent. 

The Octopus 12 has also evolved from its 2004 predecessor, the F-type. It features a more compact design, lower construction costs, and improved fuel efficiency, with a reduction of about 56 percent. It comes equipped with two 80-tonne up to 120-tonne deck cranes and an enlarged cargo hold, optimised for general and bulk cargo. 

SDARI, DNV and Toepfer collaborate on multipurpose vessel design 12

Source: Toepfer Transport

The Octopus 12.6 design can be modified to create the extended Octopus 12.6XL or the shorter Octopus 12.6XS, while the Octopus 12 can also be adapted to a shortened version. 

Toepfer Transport is acting as the sole and exclusive broker for these new designs. Hannes Hollaender, managing partner and newbuilding broker with Toepfer Transport, said: “Our innovative approach to developing a new type of ship for the multipurpose market stems from a synthesis of our market intelligence-driven shipbroking, the expertise and proficiency of a leading vessel design powerhouse, and collaboration with the most recognised classification society in the multipurpose sector. We take pride in our involvement in this project, which has produced cutting-edge vessel designs offering unparalleled versatility in size and propulsion options.”