April 8 - Seaway Heavy Lifting has been awarded a contract by Cardon IV for the transportation and installation of the Perla project gas production platforms in Venezuela.

The Perla development consists of three gas production platforms connected through a pipeline to the shore landing near Punto Fijo in Venezuelan offshore waters.

The scope of Seaway's work includes the transport and installation of the platforms and tie-in of the platforms to the pipelines which have already been installed.

Seaway's crane vessel Stanislav Yudin will execute the lifting and installation work, while seven tug/barge spreads will be utilised to transport the platforms and subsea infrastructure from Gulf of Mexico ports to the site. Stanislav Yudin will also be outfitted with a saturation dive system to perform the tie-ins.

While project management and engineering has already begun at Seaway's headquarters in the Netherlands, execution of the project will start in the second quarter of 2015 and is expected to take five months to complete.