February 20 - The French Industrial Project department of Rhenus Logistics (former Wincanton Mondia) has completed three sensitive projects in Russia, France and Qatar.

In the Russia project, an air separation plant, including 13 oversized units with max dimensions 34 m in length, 6.5 m in width and 5.9 m in height and weighing 157 tonnes, were moved.

All the components were shipped from Asia and Europe and delivered to Balakovo (181 km north east of Saratov) via the Azov sea and a Volga river port.

The French shipment saw Rhenus Logistics transport all of the European components of the largest offshore wind turbine prototype ever built to Western France. The biggest units weighed 420 tonnes, were 74 m in length and 28 m high (pictured below).

As well as transport operations, Rhenus Logistics performed all the cargo fastening, engineering studies and cargo supervision for this project, for which the last component is currently being transported.

The Qatari project involved the shipment of a liquid gas production unit including various oversized units with maximum dimensions of 39 m in length, 6.5 m in width and weighing 105 tonnes.

All the components were shipped from various locations in Europe and the USA and delivered to the Messaied site in Qatar.