August 4 - Straightpoint has launched new software, Proof Test plus, which it claims will add speed, accuracy and breadth to data recording and assist with certification.

Proof Test plus records data gathered by a Radiolink plus load cell, load shackle or compression load cell, for example, explained Straightpoint.

It then creates a pass or fail certificate that includes test data and graphs charting data from the load versus time throughout a test. Information can be printed out directly as a PDF report, electronically transmitted or fed to an information centre in the cloud.

Straightpoint says that the system can be used in a number of load testing applications, including cranes with water bags or block weights; tugs and bollards; pad eyes or flypoints; crash barriers; construction equipment; and below-the-hook equipment.

David Ayling, director of Straighpoint, noted that the new technology means that, in theory, a crane rigged with force measurement equipment for a load test can produce certification and then lift a load immediately.