January 20 - The Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg (SP SPb) posted a 17 percent year-on-year rise in the amount of equipment and machinery, including project, heavy lift and out-of-gauge cargoes, handled at the port in 2014.

The seaport says that the handling of project and out-of-gauge cargoes is one of the priority parts of its business, and SP SPb claims to have at its disposal all the necessary equipment, railway infrastructure and storage areas to cater for oversize shipments.

The total turnover of SP SPb in 2014 amounted to 8.1 million tonnes, a 5 percent increase on 2013. General cargoes handled totalled 6.1 million tonnes (up 9 percent year-on-year), while bulk and loose cargoes amounted to 2 million tonnes, which showed a decline of 5 percent compared with 2013.

The biggest increase at the port was displayed in the amount of ferrous metals handled, which increased by 19 percent year-on-year to 2.3 million tonnes.

Within the reporting period, SP SPb's exports grew by 11 percent to 6.7 million tonnes, while imports decreased by 16 percent to 1.4 million tonnes.