July 27 - Houston headquartered SRT Transportation Solutions completed the multimodal shipment of a 49.07 m long by 4.2 m wide splitter tower using a combination of rail transport, river barge and an ocean class deck barge.

SRT explained that the tower was moved by rail to the nearest inland waterway terminal at Catoosa using three railcars in a triple-bolster load configuration.

At Catoosa the tower was transloaded to a river barge and shipped to the Port of New Orleans, before being transloaded once again on to an ABS ocean class barge.

The barge sailed through the Gulf of Mexico and up the Atlantic coast to the client's facility in New Jersey, where the splitter tower was rolled off using self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

In a separate project shipment, SRT cooperated with two Class I railroads, a short line railroad and a heavy haulage company to deliver an oversized boiler from Canada to Pennsylvania.

Due to a narrow girder bridge on the last leg of the route, the boiler had to be unsecured, raised on the railcar and re-secured for final delivery to the site.