November 13 - Specialized Rail Transport (SRT) has rebranded to SRT Transportation Solutions (SRT-TS).

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Cooper/T.Smith (CTS), SRT explained that the name change reflects the expertise that Kavanagh Logistics Inc. (KLI), which was acquired by the company three years, has brought to the team.

SRT explained that since the buy, KLI and SRT continued to operate separately but cooperatively. "Over time, we assisted and supported each other. We learned that each company had excellent resources that contributed to the other. That naturally developed and evolved into one blended company."

The management team of SRT Transportation Solutions includes: president, Bob Felix; executive vice president, Glenn Kavanagh; vice president, operations, Alex Loya; vice president, transportation services, Lisa McConnell; and Kelli Collins, vice president, sale and marketing.

"The new name has real meaning and incorporates both companies," added SRT.