April 19 - SRT Transportation Solutions (SRT) has handled the shipment of 20 carloads of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) moving from a Northeastern US port to Pennsylvania.

These pieces arrived in two shipments and were discharged directly from the ocean vessel to rail cars.

The HRSG units ranged in weight from 117 to 163 tonnes, with overall dimensions of 97 ft (29.56 m) in length, 10 ft 8 ins (3.25 m) and 13 ft 6 ins ((4.15 m) in height.

SRT was responsible for providing rail cars, rail clearances, engineered securement plans, and loading supervision for these loads. Since the HRSGs were longer than the load cars, idler cars (empty flat cars) were required to protect the load overhangs. This resulted in an overall trainload of 20 rail cars, which had an overall length of more than a quarter of a mile (400 m).


Meanwhile, a project to deliver a shipment of generators and engines to Oklahoma, required several months of planning and collaboration between the railroads, engineering departments and SRT.

Several bridge upgrades were required so that delivery would be possible and SRT worked with engineering firms and clearance engineers to determine what repairs were needed, as well as the heavy haul and rigging company to make sure that the schedule could be met

Finally, earlier this year, SRT shipped four transformers to Indiana.

SRT explained that the timing for the arrival of the vessel along with the placement of rail cars was crucial to the execution of this project.

The company worked closely with the rail car owners to find the rail cars necessary to execute the project as time was of the essence. It coordinated with the rigger at destination so that the offload would be seamless.