November 13 - January 20, 2016 has been set as the date for Niels Stolberg's trial on charges of fraud and financial deception.

The former head of Beluga Shipping will be in court with three former colleagues to defend themselves against charges that have arisen from investigations that began in March 2011 after German state prosecutors were advised about potential 'financial irregularities' within the shipping line.

Since then, Stolberg has had three sets of indictments levelled against him.

If the prosecution is successful, a multi-year prison sentence is a possible, but German shipping executive has been remarkably upbeat in the German media, saying that he welcomes the opportunity to clear his name.

His lawyers, Feigen Graf, agree that there has been massive public prejudgment towards Stolberg, adding that they are confident that the prosecution will not be successful.

Today, Stolberg is managing director of shipping consultancy, Best Ship Consult.