StormGeo has launched Strategic Power Routing – a service that aims to optimise the power output of a vessel in varying weather conditions.

Strategic Power Routing is an addition to StormGeo’s s-Suite and is part of its route advisory services.

The solution takes weather conditions into account and combines it with statistical speed loss calculated by vessel type. It then recommends a revolutions per minute (RPM) that stabilises power and fuel consumption, rather than allowing them to spike, according to StormGeo.

This enhances overall fuel efficiency and reduces emissions without compromising arrival windows, the company added.

Kim Sørensen, chief operating officer of StormGeo, said: “We have been working closely with our customers to develop Strategic Power Routing for nearly a year. The trial results have been extremely successful, and we are seeing our trialling customer achieve significant returns on investment.”

StormGeo said the service can be easily integrated for existing s-Suite customers, or procured separately.