August 10 - Straightpoint has provided four wireless compression load cells with centre of gravity software to weigh two subsea fabricated platforms at Pentalver's shipping facility at Southampton Docks in the UK.

Straightpoint supplied the 50-tonne capacity WNI50TC load cells to Rapid Response Solutions, which was tasked with weighing the remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) launching platform for Metcalfe Farms Heavy Haulage, due to a weight discrepancy.

Stuart Trinder, business development associate for projects at Rapid Response, explained that a container handler was used to lift the platforms, which measured 6 m long by 2.5 m wide and eventually weighed in at just over 36 tonne each.

"Once the ROV launching platform was safely lifted, we placed wooden blocks under the unit and lowered it. We then used hydraulic jacks to lift the platform enough to place the wireless compression load cells into position and lowered the platform," said Trinder.

The centre of gravity software was loaded onto a laptop, allowing Rapid Response to receive real time data wirelessly from the units and send the data instantly to the client.

"Over the last year we have seen an increase in the need for load monitoring equipment, which is a trend set to continue as our client base in the marine sector grows," added Trinder.