March 26 - Lithuania's Strele Logistics has taken delivery of a 500-tonne capacity truck-mounted telescopic crane from Liebherr, which it claims is the largest model in the Baltics.

Strele Logistics, which is based in Mazeikiai, decided that it wanted the Liebherr crane equipped with a 50 m telescopic arm, additionally selected 91 m flexible winch, 165-tonne counterweights, and an arm reinforcement system in order to obtain higher lifting capacity.

K?stutis Slavinskas, chairman of the board of Strele Logistics, said that the decision to invest in such a crane was prompted by the needs of the regional market, since the Lithuanian company is increasingly faced with higher speed and lower cost requirements for complex equipment and structure installation works.

He added that the crane will allow Strele Logistics to assemble items on the ground before lifting them to the required locations in one go, which will avoid the expense of assembling at height, and will eliminate the need for renting lower lifting capacity cranes for long periods.

The 500-tonne capacity crane can be used in the installation of chimneys, boilers and reactors, the assembling and mounting of bridge elements and other large structures, performance of maintenance works on wind turbines, and the installation of transformers and other industrial equipment.