October 29 - In Australia, surfacing work to lay bitumen has commenced at the Port of Townsville's (POTL) new 30,000 sq m cargo laydown area.

The AUD1.73 million (USD1.23 million) cargo laydown area, which was completed by local contractors in July earlier this year, is designed to accommodate project cargo, breakbulk and general cargo.

This final phase of the project is valued at AUD400,000 (USD283,471) and will seal the surface of the laydown area, meaning that imported vehicles and heavy project cargo can be safely stored in the area while they are awaiting clearance from Customs and transport after import.

POTL general manager trade and property, Claudia Brumme-Smith, said that the resurfacing meant that the Townsville port could now accommodate up to 800 cars at any one time as well as other project cargo that required a sealed, hardstand surface.

Brummie-Smith said: "The import of cars and project cargo is one of our emerging trades that provide growth opportunities for the port and our region going forwards."