November 17 - Mammoet has finished moving the first lot of houses from the Swedish city of Gällivare to nearby Koskullskulle, due to a mine being developed on the original site.

Since many of the buildings had a "high cultural value", Mammoet explained that the mining company wanted to relocate the units in one piece.

Preparations for the project have been ongoing for several months, with Mammoet's subcontractor Nylundh handling earthworks since June.

Mammoet used two prime movers and 18 axles of conventional trailers to transport each of the houses approximately 7 km to their new destination. The buildings ranged in weight from 45 to 220 tonnes, with the biggest one measuring 25 m x 12 m x 13.3 m.

The first set of houses will now be renovated. Once Mammoet has transported the second set of buildings, it will have moved a total of 30 houses from Gällivare to Koskullskulle. The project is scheduled for completion before the end of 2017.