September 11 - Talbert Manufacturing has launched a new Air Ramp/Air Tilt series of trailers, designed for the easy loading of low-clearance equipment.

The 20-tonne capacity AC-20-ART and 25-tonne capacity AC3-25-ART feature a low deck height and air control units to adjust the angle of the trailer, which makes them ideal for the transport of soil and asphalt loaders.

"We received several requests for heavy-duty, tilt-deck trailers with a reduced load angle," said Troy Geisler, Talbert's vice president of sales and marketing. "Because of that, we developed the ART series as the heavy-haul solution. The trailers provide operators maximum view of the equipment and surroundings and feature the lowest loading height available in the industry."

Talbert says the trailer lowest load angle is just 7 degrees, and the air-powered ramp removes the need for heavy handling ramps and cranes to position loads.

Talbert will present the AC3-25-ART trailer at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), in Louisville, Kentucky, during September 29 - October 1, 2015.