September 16 - Trier based Steil Kranarbeiten has used a Terex Superlift 3800 lattice boom crawler crane to remove a 78-tonne concrete bridge from over the Schwarzbach river in Germany.

The Superlift 3800 crane's components were transported from the Terex factory in Zweibrücken to the site by truck, before being assembled with the help of a Terex AC 200-1 all-terrain crane.

Terex explained that various special circumstances added to the complexity of the lift, including a number of supply pipes running through the bridge that had to be temporarily removed.

The bridge also featured huge reinforcements that had to be cut through, which Terex explained made it difficult to calculate the exact weight of the bridge before the lift.

Once the crane was configured with a 42 m main boom, 253 tonnes of counterweight, and 50 tonnes of central ballast, the Terex Superlift 3800 lifted the concrete structure to a height of 10 m at a working radius of 27 m.

The crane then moved back 4 m while under load and shortened its working radius so that the bridge did not hit any trees, and lowered the unit onto a neighbouring field.