September 25 - Prangl has used a Terex AC 500-2 all-terrain crane to launch a 71-tonne cruise ship hull onto Austria's Lake Hallstatt.

The 27 m long hull was lifted onto a lowbed trailer at the Danube river port of Ennsdorf using the Terex AC 500-2 crane, before being transported to the lake and unloaded onto the water.

For loading onto the trailer at the port, the Terex crane was configured with a 37.9 m main boom and 140 tonnes of counterweight. It was then used in tandem with another crane to lift the unit onto the lowbed.

Seven vehicles were required to transport the Terex crane components to the site, with setup taking around four hours.

On arrival at the lake, the crane was equipped with a 19.3 m long main boom, a 30 m luffing fly jib, and 180 tonnes of counterweight. This enabled the crane to safely lift the vessel, at a radius of 24 m, to a height of 4 m before turning 180 degrees and lowering the hull into the water.

The motorway running past the lake had to be closed for two hours during the lift, while the neighbouring parking lots were shut for two days. In addition, said Terex, the bank within the crane's working radius had to be completely cleared.