October 30 - Dutch crane service provider, Wagenborg Nedlift has used two Terex AC 500-1 all terrain cranes and a Terex CC 2500-1 crawler crane to position a pedestrian bridge - De Netkous - in Rotterdam.

The bridge, which is almost 200 m long and crosses a motorway and railway line, was transported to the job site in two sections by self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) - the larger section weighed 350 tonnes with a length of 100 m and the smaller weighed 325 tonnes with a length of 90 m.

With the bridge ready for the lift, the two AC 550-1 cranes, which each had a 28.6 m long main boom, 160 tonnes of counterweight and a 9.6 m outrigger base, were driven to the site accompanied by three transport vehicles.

Wagenborg then had to use 29 trucks to transport the CC 2500-1 crawler crane, so that it could be erected into its superlift configuration with a 48 m main boom, 120 tonnes of counterweight and 250 tonnes of superlift counterweight.

Once assembled, the Terex trio hoisted the bridge sections from the SPMTs to the required height of 20 m, before they were positioned onto their foundations.

"We opted to use the three Terex cranes on this project because they had precisely the capacities we needed to complete the two required lifts safely and reliably within the given time frame," said Jack Bienen, project manager of Wagenborg Nedlift.