October 2 - Terex is now offering its Boom Booster kit for the 650-tonne capacity Superlift 3800 crawler crane.

The Boom Booster system increases the main boom's stiffness, enhancing its lifting capacity by up to 30 percent. It is available in lengths of 24-38 m and can retrofit to existing Superlift 3800 models.
This has followed the successful launch of the Boom Booster for the larger Terex 8800-1 crawler crane.
The steel structure comprises up to seven sections, each measuring 12 m in length, and can be mounted directly on to the crane. When equipped with the Boom Booster kit, the Superlift 3800 crane can reach a maximum hook height of 174 m and lift loads of up to 80 tonnes.
Terex said these advantages makes the Superlift 3800 well suited to erecting large wind turbines, which usually require lifting heights of more than 140 m.
The Boom Booster system has an overall width of 3.5 m making it easy to transport. Two additional boom sections can slide into the Boom Booster kit during transit, eliminating the need for at least one truck for delivery to site.
The optional Superlift Split Tray features quick coupling technology that can be used with or without the Boom Booster kit. Once the main boom has been erected, the counterweight that is no longer required can easily be uncoupled, after which the crane can move with only the superlift counterweight still needed, said Terex. This technology reduces the amount of assembly time and personnel required, while eliminating the need for an assist crane for this particular procedure.
The Superlift 3800 also has a mounted adapter frame at the end of the boom, which allows the crane to travel with a boom length of up to 94.5 m - an advantage when the crane needs to be moved to a neighbouring work site.