July 20 - Specialists from within the group of companies "Sea port of Saint-Petersburg" have successfully discharged Uzbekistan's first high speed train.

The train, which will make trips between Tashkent and Samarqand along the first high speed railway in Central Asia, was successfully discharged onto berths within the port group and consisted of nine railcars and two locomotives. These railcars and locomotives arrived in the port complex onboard Finnlines' Suomigracht and were discharged using two cranes with a lift capacity of 120 tonnes.

Following the completion of port handling, specialists from the train's manufacturer, Patents Talgo assembled the railcars into one train at the berths of the port group's ro-ro terminal. From there, this high speed train, which is some 157 m in length, will depart for the station depot at Metallostroy for a final check and adjustments prior to transportation to Uzbekistan.