July 28 - JSC Transafe Logistics has delivered oversize and overweight components for a hydrogen/ammonia plant from Antwerp to Togliatti, Russia.

The Russian logistics provider chartered a vessel to deliver the equipment to St Petersburg port, before organising oncarriage by road and rail to Togliatti - the site of the Linde Azot / KuibyshevAzot chemical plant.

The Chinese-built cargoes were delivered to Antwerp onboard a Chipolbrok vessel from Shanghai, prior to their transhipment to Russia. The consignment comprised 11 items with a combined weight of 413 tonnes.

Upon arrival in St Petersburg the two largest pieces, which had the dimensions 19.65 m x 2 m x 3.23 m and 12.65 m x 2.35 m x 4.1 m, weighing 113 tonnes and 105 tonnes respectively, were reloaded onto specialised railcars for delivery to the Samara region. The remainder of the shipment was loaded onto lowbed trailers for a 1,700 km road journey to the project site.