August 14 - Russian logistics provider, JSC Transafe Logistics chartered a vessel to deliver 10 adsorbers and tail gas drums, plus spare parts, with an overall weight of 426 tonnes from Lubeck to Ust-Luga port.

Destined to Lukoil's Volgograd oil refinery, the largest module was a tail gas drum, which had the dimensions of 30 m x 4.4 m x 4.57 m.

The equipment was loaded onboard the chartered vessel in Lubeck and arrived at the port of Ust-Luga, near St. Petersburg.

Port cranes were used to tranship the adsorbers and drums onto low-bed trailers, which then travelled 2,500 km by road to Volgograd.

Prior to project execution, Transafe staff undertook extensive feasibility, route and on-site surveys and says that whilst the trucking option was very challenging, it turned out to be more cost effective and faster than if the river system had been used.

The Volgograd oil refinery is the largest refinery in Russia's South administrative region and is currently undergoing a major reconstruction.

JSC Transafe Logistics is a member of the WCA Projects network.