June 4 - WCA Projects member Transocean Lietuva worked with fellow network member, Qualitair & Sea, to transport four boilers from Lithuania to France.

The boilers - two of which weighed 48 tonnes, and two of which weighed 13 tonnes - were transported from their manufacturing site in Kaunas, Lithuania to Klaipeda port using a low bed trailer with a special chassis.

The boilers, each measuring 5 m high and 5 m wide, were transported over 250 km by road to the port, which required the removal of road signs and lifting of electricity cables en route.

On arrival at the Lithuanian port, the fastening loops on each boiler had to be adjusted before being loaded and lashed onboard a breakbulk vessel for shipment to Montoir port.

Qualitair & Sea arranged stevedoring services at the French port, as well as delivery to the final destination in Nantes.