October 7 - Tuscor Lloyds has transported three 9-tonne out-of-gauge anchors and their accompanying shackles from the UK to Hawaii.

The cargo, which was shipped for a client in the naval construction industry, was transported from Sheffield on three flat rack containers.

From Sheffield, the anchors were transported to the UK port of Felixstowe, lashed onto the 40 ft flat racks and loaded onto a container vessel using a gantry crane fitted with specialist heavy lift gear.

The cargo was then shipped to the port of Los Angeles, where the flat rack containers were loaded onto another vessel for the second leg of the journey to Honolulu.

On arrival in the Hawaiian port of Honolulu, the cargo could not be immediately unloaded due to two major hurricanes - Hurricane Iselle and Hurrican Julio - which were active in the area.

After three days, the port was given permission to begin discharge, and the three flat rack containers were lifted off the vessel and inspected for damage, before being lashed onto trucks for onward transport to the jobsite by road.