March 26 - Tuscor Lloyds has coordinated the shipment of four steel reels, each weighing over 30 tonnes, from Rio Grande, Brazil to Aberdeen in the UK.

The steel reels were first transported from the manufacturer's facility to the port of Rio Grande on low loader trucks, accompanied by a police escort. Tuscor Lloyds also had to obtain special permits for the road transportation.

At the port the reels were loaded onto 20 ft flatrack containers. Due to the dimensions of the cargo, each unit had to be securely lashed down using 14 steel wire ropes, clips and turnbuckles.

Once surveyors had inspected the cargo and the quality of the lashing, the steel reels were shipped onboard the vessel Cap San Lorenzo from Brazil to London Gateway.

On arrival in the UK, the reels were moved from the port to a lashing yard on low loader trucks, before being removed from the flatracks and loaded back onto trucks for the 547 mile (880 km) journey to Aberdeen.